Kite's Diamond Preservation Package

Wedding Gown Preservation Package Kites Cleaners Fort Worth

  • Inspection of gown for spots, stains, trim and needed repairs
  • Hand Cleaning
  • Unique anti sugar stain treatment
  • An acid-free, archival quality wedding chest
  • Gown is wrapped in an unbleached muslin liner which helps keep moisture away from the gown
  • One pair of white cotton gloves to handle the gown for future inspections
  • A lifetime, international guarantee


How will you store your preserved heirloom?

Properly storing your preserved gown is important. Store your gown in a cool, dry, and dark area. High humidity and/or heat make basements and attics an unsafe environment to store your gown. Every year or so, you should take your gown out of the box and inspect it for any areas that may begin to yellow. This also keeps the gown from retaining any permanent wrinkles from being folded for long periods. Be sure to carefully refold the gown back into the same box it was in.