Your wedding was everything you dreamed of since you were twelve. The champagne flowed, the guests partied all night, and the best man’s toast was actually lucid and nice. Unfortunately, your gown looks like the aftermath from a food fight that broke out at the college dorm cafeteria. Wedding cake and wine are in places that you can’t even imagine how they got there. There’s even mud and grass stains all over the hem.


Who could you ever trust to clean your treasured gown?
Can anybody restore it to what it was when you walked down the aisle?


Only a specialist with over 60 years experience using special hand cleaning techniques could possibly treat your gown with the necessary expertise to restore it to it’s proper beauty.

Wedding gowns are our specialty. Unlike many cleaners and bridal shops who send out gowns to large third party gown cleaning factories, Kite’s Wedding Gown Specialists has an in-house team of wedding gown specialists with decades of experience.

We go over your gown with you inch by inch on arrival. Then our cleaning team treats your gown with an anti-sugar process to prevent invisible stains from appearing years later. Sugars from that cake and champagne may be invisible after normal cleaning. But only our anti-sugar process completely removes remnant sugars, which will caramelize over time and leave your gown with ugly yellow stains extremely difficult or impossible to remove later on.

After cleaning, your gown is thoroughly inspected for missing beads, sequins, tears, and rips. All necessary repairs are done before your gown is lightly steamed before the final inspection.



Cleaning between the photo-shoot and the wedding

If you find that after your photoshoot your wedding gown needs to be touched up before the wedding,
Talk to Kite’s Wedding Gown Specialists!



Our written international guarantee that your bridal gown will not yellow or be spotted with caramelized sugar stains is honored by members of The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists represented in more than 500 cities around the world. When your wedding gown is to be worn again, just return it to any participating Certified Wedding Specialist TM who will inspect and press your wedding gown at no charge.